Another busted Knock sensor connector

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Dec 10, 2007
Recently found the #2 Knock sensor connector to have snapped off, the connector was just loosely hanging on the knock sensor, the tip off was an intermiitent loss of power.

So the sensor connector piece was stuck inside the harness connector and after a few tries was unable to remove the stuck piece so cut the harness wire in order to work on it with two hands.

Once out on a table was able to pry out the stuck piece piece using a pick but then found the carnage I had self-inflicted on the connector trying to pry out the stuck piece while working up through the wheel well.

Got so focused on trying to pull the stuck piece out forgot that you could put a pick into the top of a connector to pry out a stuck piece. Having said that, to get the release tab pressed in enough took two hands, one to hold the part the other to press. Just couldn't do it working through the wheel well. Still learning (and relearning).

See photos:

Knock Sensor harness connector with stuck piece inside.jpg

Knock sensor harness connector with pick.jpg

Damaged Knock sensor connector.jpg

Knock Sensor connector part number 11166.jpg
First photo below shows the broken #2 knock sensor as seen
from the left front wheel well (wheel removed) for orientation
The #2 sensor is easy to reach from that position.

Next photo shows the tools used: 30mm sensor socket (set from HF), wobble extension, 20" extension, 1/2" to 3/8" adapter, and cordless inpact working from the left front wheel well.

Bottom photo comparing the old sensor (left) and the replacement sensor (right) I picked up from O-Reillys, one of their Import-Direct line of parts.

Surprised when I got it, box says Made in Japan and has the same markings as the ? original knock sensor with 61 and and M laser etched on the body. The other numbers are different, maybe lot numbers?? Either way, if this works as well as the original it's a steal at $39. Import-Direct Part #17-0744 replacement for Toyota 89615-30050.

Knock sensor #2 view from wheel well.jpg

Tools for removing #2 Knock sensor.jpg

Knock sensors original and Japan replacement.jpg
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Appears to be working normally, good power. Just checked and found no codes for the knock sensors after driving a few thousand miles with the O'Reilly's Import-Direct Made in Japan knock sensor mentioned above.
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Update: this O'Reillys Import Direct part still working, no codes. Recently pulled another original knock sensor off a 95 FZJ80, same part again with the M mark.
Rockauto has a NTK knock sensor (ID0164) for $95, same part at Carid is $120 but out of stock, OReillys is $179 also out of stock. There is a less expensive part from OReillys but might be made in Chynna. NTK is likely made in Japan.

IMHO I'd grab the part from Rockauto while you can.

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The harness connector for these is available from Ballenger Motorsport for a few dollars.
Available as just the plastic connector, or with new pins, or with pigtails depending on which kit you choose.
Search using the five digit part number on the OEM connector
Agree, go with OEM from Partsouq if the cost is not a concern, but then again the NTK part would save @therestevethedog ~ $30 dollars, and he was concerned about the cost. The NTK part is $95 plus shipping, the OEM part from Partsouq is $125 plus shipping.

IME NTK parts made in Japan are OEM quality, FWIW.

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