And these wires go to...........?

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May 22, 2004
Deep East Texas
Wife came home yesterday, said there was a CEL. Got the scanner hooked up to verify what my ScanGauge said (P0340) which is: Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit A.

Cleared code, it came right back. Vehicle would crank just fine, just wouldn't fire off until the 5-6th try. Started fine this morning and both other times she stopped after work. Got to looking at it this evening and followed the wiring harness from the distributor down toward the front cover (drivers side) to what I suspect is the wiring harness for the Camshaft Sensor?

It is back behind the nest of small coolant lines there. Well....whoever was in the front pf the engine last (timing has been replaced once @ 150K) apparently did not route the wires back correctly because they have been rubbing on the serpentine belt for Lord only knows how long.

Now...they are rubbed about 1/2 way through (the part going into the front cover). Of course... the wires besides being impossible to reach are also too short to repair.

Sorry for the poor pics.

So...this is probably my CSPS? (Camshaft Position Sensor).

And I'm guessing it isn't real easy to replace?

Thank You in advance for any information you can provide.


Camshaft Position Sensor1.jpg

Camshaft Position Sensor2.jpg
IIRC, those are the only wires in that area that go to the actual engine. I believe it's a branch that continues on to the AC compressor. I just so happened to be looking in that region moments ago!

Photo from Otramm's TB video...

This is the wire on mine that is nearly abraded in half.

One more confirmation that is indeed the cam position sensor...

You have to remove the drive belt to gain access. You may need to remove the drive TB cover to gain a little more access to the wires. Not too crazy, it has a decent amount of wire there to repair if yours isn't too close to the plug. But even then you could get some pigtails and repair the plug.
So its a replaceable harness (not part of the sensor)? Guess I need to figure out what the part number is for that.

My water pump is just now starting to leak and I have a small oil leak (probably crankshaft seal, maybe cam seals too) so I'll just figure on doing the Timing Belt, pulleys, seals, tensioner, etc....

Might as well do it all at one time. Hopefully that harness in not unobtainium.
1999? 1930050020 looks like that part has the wire that comes through the cover (the part that is damaged on mine), then connects to the distributor harness...which is OK on mine.

Got my part in the other day, so figured I might as well install it now.

Timing belt looks great, but definitely have signs of a leaking Water Pump. Will do that along with the timing belt, seals, pulleys, etc....soon.

Just replacing the Cam Position Sensor wasn't too bad.

When the timing belt was replaced last (at the largest Lexus Dealer in Houston) the technician failed to put the wires to the CPS back into the clip on the timing belt cover. So it started rubbing on the serpentine belt and by the time it threw a code...there was exactly ONE strand of wire left.

I also noticed there was a nut missing on the Fan Bracket. I guess it was just a little too hard to get to, sheeesh!

Anyway, got it installed and buttoned back up. Vehicle starts fine now, code cleared and has not come back.

Thankfully, I don't live in the rust belt so all the 20 year old hardware came off easily.





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