An introduction and interest in bird hunting?

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Mar 4, 2005
Norfolk, VA
Hi all,

I am currently stationed at NAS Meridian and have been lurking in the Cottonland clubhouse for awhile. Although I am new to MS, I have been a Cruiserhead for several years now. My rig is a 96 FZJ80 with a few of the common mods (see below). I am hoping to make it to a Cottonland meeting as soon as flight training allows.

Until then, I am seeking a bit of local knowledge: does anyone know of any shooting preserves near Meridian that are amenable to unguided hunts with low bird minimums? I have a one year old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon that I have been lightly training for hunting; however, developing his pointing and steadiness has been difficult due to lack of public bird hunting opportunities.

Most preserves that I have found cater to corporate clients with full on guided excursions that are well outside of my budget. I am looking for a place that wouldn't mind me coming on a Saturday morning once or twice a month for an hour or two for 5 to 10 birds so that I can get some live training with my dog.

I spoke to one gentleman at Full Flight Hunting Preserve in Woodland, MS, who provided the best lead so far, but it must be during the week (difficult for my unpredictable schedule) and a 20 bird minimum, which is more than I think that my dog will be able to handle at this point.

I realize that it is a shot in the dark, but yall are the best locals that I could think to ask!

Thanks for your help!
Welcome, not sure on a place but I will ask around and see. There are plenty of guide places that I know about.

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