Aluminum drawer system

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Sep 21, 2007
So I want to minimize the weight in the back of my 100 series! I was thinking an aluminum frame with a wooden top to lessen the weight! I want to be able to load 500 lbs of gear, what thickness of aluminum do I need to use? Also, what kind of cutter do I need to buy? Not sure if I will go through with this yet, not sure what how much work it will be lol
would cost to much

You need sheet metal sheers, sheet metal brake, aluminum mig welder or, stud tool. Drill and so on.
You can have a sheet metal shop do all the labor for you. Then finish it off with the wood.
The 80/20 branded stuff ain't cheap. Look around and you can find different companies selling similar extrusions.
At work we get our slotted extrusion from a local extruder, much cheaper than the same stuff from 80/20. The stuff still isn't cheap, nor is it light, but we buy it by the truckload to build machinery.
Go Craigslist. I picked up used oak flooring for free. Also, aluminum and already have sheet aluminum.

I need a rail system with wheels. It will happen :)
I just got my 80/20 catalog. Very impressed with all the erector set like items in it :) mabey now, I can build some nifty tool box with it or something.

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