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Nov 26, 2008
Charleston, SC
I am getting A LOT of electrical noise through my speakers and my Toyota mechanic thinks my alternator needs replacing. What are y'alls thought s on a new alternator, taking into consideration that I have a winch, a high powered stereo and will add more lights in the future?
I think most alternators make a lot of radio frequency noise and it is not necessarily an indicator that something is wrong with the alternator.

The noise in your speakers could be RF noise, or a "ground loop."

Before messing with the alternator, I would try an RF filter on the 12v+ going into your stereo and amp; also make sure all of the audio components are grounded to the chassis.

Did the noise start after you installed some other electrical device that might not have a good connection to ground?

Basically, I think the noise in your speakers is a problem with the way your stereo (or some other component) is wired, not with your alternator.

You may well need a new alternator too, but I doubt that is going to fix the noise in your speakers.

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