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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
My HJ60 recently developed a charging problem. I'll try to describe what happens.
Before I start I have to mention that I have a 24 volt electrical system in my Cruiser.
Normally when I start the engine the voltmeter will indicate somewhere in the neighbourhood of 24-25 volts and the FILTER light will remain on. If I rev the engine to about 1200 rpm the FILTER light will go out and the voltmeter will go to it's normal indication of around 28 volts.
Recently when I start my engine the voltmeter will read just above battery voltage, say 24 volts or so. The FILTER light is on and also the battery warning light. Even revving the engine won't extinguish the lights like it would normally.
This morning I was thinking should I drive to work thinking maybe my batteries will get drained before I get to where I want to go. Strangely half way to work on the highway (engine doing about 2100rpm) the lights went out and the voltage went up to the normal charging voltage of about 28 volts.
Does anyone have an idea what can be the problem? Could it be a bad alternator? But it does seem to want to charge (sort of...)? Or is there a circuit of some sort that keeps the voltage low like when I first start the engine. And why, when everything works normal, I have to rev the engine slightly for the charging system to functon properly?
Help...!! :crybaby:
Most likely it is the alternator. My first guess would be the brushes are worn. I would check them now cause if you let it go longer it could take out more stuff like the diodes or voltage regulator. Call the Toyota dealer or a auto parts place and ask if there is a kit to replace the brushes.

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