Alternator Problems

Jul 15, 2003
Hello everybody,

Can anybody help me figure out why my alternator keeps going out. I'm on my third one in the last month. At first the alternators stop recharging my battery and for a few days I can j ust jump and it will start right up. After time jumping it will start to get hard and eventually it wont start at all. I thouhgt it might be the battery so I had it replaced but it still won't start. I figured with a bad alternator I would at least be able to get it started and it just run off the battery power until its dead, but now I can get it start up. Note that I recently had water get in m last alterantor, but that doesn't explain the first ones. Also note that this last alternator lasted the longest and seemed to be doing pretty good until the water did get in it.

Thank you
Oct 31, 2002
Kennett Square very very leery of reman alternators purchased at Peep Boys, AA, and other of the ilk. My 84 mini truck alt went @125k (some years ago) ...replaced with a Peep boys....fried every god damn electrical component ...yes even blew the filaments off of the stop/tail lamp bulbs...actually welded the filaments to the glass....damnest thing I have ever experienced. Ever since I bite the bullet for the Dealer ( i know) toyota reman units. No problems with the 84 mini, none with the FJ62. Also, depending on your year check and/or replace the voltage regulator as well.

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