Alternator problems in V8 FJ40

Apr 16, 2003
Im having issues with my alternator setup in my 350 V8 conversion. The alt. is an externally regulated GM wired to the stock voltage regulator.

I just noticed the wire/s which plug into the back of the alt. have melted through at the plug.

Essentially, Iwould like to replace the externally regulated alternator with an internally regulated one and eliminate the need for the stock Toy voltage regulator.

Does anyone know if this is a difficult conversion?

Any advice or info is greatly appreciated
Feb 19, 2002
It's an easy swap. All you need is a printout of these instructions:
You can find this writeup in the ih8mud Tech Section. It's in the Electrical section and it's called "Mike Robinson (GM alternator conversion)". But . . .Mr. Robinson has mixed up the functions of alternator terminals #1 and #2. If you do it his way you stand a good chance of toasting the diode trio and/or the regulator. Use the TLCA instructions instead.

In fact, the "Robinson writeup" appears to be directly copied from the TLCA writeup.

Hey Woody or Gumby or Niner. Maybe you should delete or modify Robinson's instructions or at least put up a correction or disclaimer??


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