All dash lights blinking and no A/C

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Dec 23, 2013
Dayton, OH
2004 LX470 just turned 300k. started car and all dash lights blinking - ABS, VGRS, air bag, VSC, Cruise, 2nd start, height control OFF. And screen comes on into diagnostic mode. I checked all fuses in passenger kick panel, driver kick panel, and engine bay. Didn’t check any relays. Disconnected battery for 15 minutes. On first start after reconnecting, same issue. OBDII resulted in no codes. Battery was 12.96 with engine off and 14.6 running
I did a search and couldn’t find anything. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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I originally did a “visual” of the fuses with an LED flashlight. All looked good. So, just now I thought to pull suspect fuses and replace since I have a box of 120 various I bought on amazon. pulled gauges2 in passenger footwell, 10amp, and it was corroded. Not sure how or why - i pulled all other fuses around it and they looked brand new. Oh well, that was a $0.10 fix!

Apparently, the new windshield has a leak that drips down on passenger fuse box. Went to car wash, and when I got home, flashers wouldn’t turn off. And passenger door won’t lock. So I popped the fuse panel cover, and it was water everywhere. Disconnected the battery and calling installer tomorrow.

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