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Feb 9, 2002
ok, i rebuilt the thing today.
did all of the adjustments.
it still won't run for shiz.

i went to my friends and picked up his aisen.
i'm planning on bolting it on tomorrow to see what
will happen.

i am hoping that someone with a engine manual will scan and
post some pics of what vac-lines go where.

(i hate rochester)
I'm a desmogged '74 with aisain, I'll try to get some pics/des. tonight or tomorrow. Theres really not much at all, and what there is, you don't need for it to run well warm. (But its a good idea to hook 'em up anyway)
thanks georgia man
rochester sucks (least the one I had on mine, same story rebuilt it and still was bad)
had a man-a-fre adapter, must have sold them back when.
if i could get the thing to run decent.
it seems to idle ok, but the motor won't pull at low rpm's and when i step on the gas it's way to rich (bogs and dies).
(i hate.....)
Anyone have any experience with a Monojet? I have one of my FJ and I cant make it run worth a dang. It backfires in the low end. Should I keep it or buy a Adapter plate and a Webber (40idf) from Clifford?
backfiring must mean your timing is off.
it could be your distributor is so worn you're getting
irregular dwell.
Gumby is right. Verify timing and proper ignition function including advance. There is no visual check for carb. If you make absolutely sure it's not ignition then you can be confident that it could be the carb.
any theories on how backfire through the carb happens?
Here ya go Rusman-This should make it easy to hook stuff up, so long as you still have your VSV, and your Aisain is similar. The only vacuum tube on my cruiser thats not listed is the large one for PCV from PS of block to plenum between carb and manifold.


The numbers are to match lines on the VSV to carb/dist.
If you have a fuel cell or non-vented tank the large line from Charcoal canister can just be blocked off. Here is a disc. of the lines-
#4-Pulls fumes from gastank via Charcoal Canister to carb to be burnt.
#1-Vacuum source from manifold.
#3-Controls some vacu-servo deal thats related to choke, does not seem to affect warm running, but vastly influences functionality of the choke.
#2-Line to distributor
thanks for the pics :)
Hope the old aisen works. However you might need the old accelerator linkage to hook it all up. Should be with the carb or somewhere close. Goode luck.
Man, what did I do wrong? Had a Rochester on my 78 --2f engine with headers and non-usa dist and it ran great from day i took it out of the box from MAF; never had to adjust it. Plan on putting one on the 72 and maybe the 67--just bought it and have not gotten it home yet.

How did you get the vacuum advance set up? I recently rebuilt my Rochester and it runs great w/ the centrifigal advance distributor, but I cant get it to run for anything with the non-usa dist I just installed.. Im going to go non-usa carb here soon.. you want to buy a good running Rochester :D. Ill even throw in the deloco distributor! Anyway, I feel your pain man!
i'm running the HEI ignition.
i would be interestd in another 2bbl if it had vacume advance and auto-choke.
i still haven't gotten the rochester running right yet, no vacume currently hooked up, and no time to get the aisen on that i borrowed from johnny-cakes.
I know about the backfireing issues. I just hop that its the one that no one addressed. Flat cam lobes can cause it too.

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