Aftermarket Oil Pressure Gauge Help

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Jan 24, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
Ahoy there,

It wouldn't let me post in the electronic section so posting here instead.

Anyway this oil pressure gauge randomly stopped working a while ago so I have followed the yellow, brown and white wires back to what appears to be some kind of oil pressure sensor (which does not appear to be factory?) and found only the yellow wire connected.

Any pointers for me?

Also, are mechanical gauges any better than electrical ones?

Cheers for now :)



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You'd have the experiment a little to see which of he wires at that sender produce a reaction in the gauge if connected to the open pole on the sender. With aftermarket electrical bits the OEM wire colors aren't applicable.

IMO a mechanical OP gauge is better - more reliable and probably more accurate than an electrical one if not using a plastic line. Although any OP line can break to cause a severe leak, copper or other metal lines are less likely to do so.

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