Adding a second fuel filter - Diesel

Aug 4, 2009
Brisbane QLD, Australia
Hi guys, I have recently bought one of those Delphi water seperator filters with the glass bowl on the bottom. I've gone to hook it up today and my nosey neighbour came across and asked what I was doing. I was telling him and he said I was doing it all wrong.

Where the fuel line comes from the tank into the engine bay was where I was going to deviate the line to go to the filter, then the output line would be fed into the normal socket that the line would normally go onto - just before the hand priming pump. His 'expert' opinion was that I have to have the filter installed in the circuit after the hand priming pump and before the stock fuel filter.

Is he talking crap? Is there anything wrong with the way I am planning on doing it?

I reckon the guy is a knob, he is always walking over and sticking his beak in where its not wanted.


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