ADD flangees to manual hubs.

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Mar 8, 2011
Auckland, NZ
i have just locked my front diff and raised my ifs 95 surf and want to replace the add flanges with aisin manual hubs. i read a few threads and they said it was as easy as bolt off bolt on... i removed the add flange and put my manual hub on. as i was tightening the bolts the secure the hub i heard a crunching noise. i removed the hub and it has broken some of the lip that secures the inner circlip that hols the hub together...:crybaby:

it appers as though it hit on a circlip and some washers that are attached to the CV shaft. what do these washers do? can i remove them so the hubs will fit? i can repair the manual hub that broke and i really want to fit them but i cant without removing these washers. no other threads i could find mentioned anything about them? if anyones got any photos i could clarify but i dont have a camera at the moment. please help :(
hmmm 102 views and noone knows the answer, thats not promising!
I've never encountered a problem swapping to manual hubs, can you get a picture of the washers you're talking about? I would imagine that as long as you have something holding the outer axle shaft out where it should be (like the bolt and washer in the end of the shaft, outside the locking hub body) you'll be fine...
ill try and get a camera and take some. thanks mate uve been helpful on a few of my threads! yeah i was thinking that as long as the bolt on the end is there to stop it falling out the hub then it should be ok..
I also thought it was a strait forward swap. I'm planning on doing it on my '95 4Runner.
I've been wondering if it is specific to the region of the world the truck was made for.

Photos of the hub and CV shaft would be interesting to see. Possibly they could be compared against a US spec vehicle.
ill take photos asap. got a camera just gotta wait for it to stop p.issing down with rain! yeah everywhere ive read says it should be simple swap. i work in a body shop and have done my fair share of mechanics and stuff so im not a retard. They just dont fit over the bit inside haha

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