add a leaf or take the other one out

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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
should i buy an add a leaf for my back leaf springs,because when i took my springs off last nite the very bottom spring was broken in half i never even knew about should i A) take the other most leaf spring out on the other one to level it out and just ride like that or should i B} order a add a leaf and swap that for my lower leaf springs?

p.s. the springs are pretty flat...

secondly does anyone know if i just took the other leaf spring out on the other side that is not broke and lower them onto my spring perchs so i can tack them in place then just take them back off and order the add a leafs. so i can get some stuff done while i wait on the add a leafs to get here, or will it throw it out of wack in some way i have not thought of so that my caster angle would be off and id be suck with spring perches welded in the worng spot?
Springs are not welded in place. The perches should not have to be moved at all unless you are going spring over. You can remove the other leaf to even it out but, springs are pretty cheap to buy or someone going to lift springs many give you some in good shape. Caster won't change unless you put on longer shakles. HTH
If you are using the stock springs like I did they are rather flat and work wonderful for SOA. With flat springs the perch angle won't change enough to worry about so I would probably go ahead and set-up the perches. You probably won't notice the missing bottom spring unless you are carrying heavy loads. The missing spring actually gives improved articulation. If you have a wheelhop problem with the soft stock springs (I did) put on a traction bar like the one woody uses. He has a good write-up in the tech links about how to build one. In the rear you don't need to worry about caster, only pinion angle.
john s sorry for not stating it but its for a spring over.. i already have the front done and im starting in on the back...anyway i found another problem i took them em off in the garage last nite and did not notice the leaf above the broken leaf was also broke so it looks like ill be taking the two broken leaf springs out and just getting an ad a leaf... (what a pain in the ass i did not even see this coming). thats the only idea i can think of besides getting whole new leafs for the back and i dont have the time and the money for that I JUST WANT TO GET MY CRUISER BACK ON THE ROAD....ah this is taking toooo lonngg :(

if anyone can think of anything better let me know

thanks agian-AL
its prob a bad idea to ride with two missing leafs.... righhhtt>?????

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