accelorator sensor questions

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Feb 10, 2005
in the nappy dugout
I have a 98 100 and the check engine light came on the other day. As i was taking it to the stealership the gas pedal wouldnt reposond. The engine was running fine, but when i pushed the gas - nutten. I poped the hood and looked under it like i knew what i was doing. I closed it and then cranked it back up - it was back to normal.
I made it to the dealership with no further issues and had them run a test. He told me the accelerator sensor, which aparently senses how far you push the gas pedal down and tells the other doohicky to give more gas....

he told me it would be around $525 for the part and labor. My questions are, can i pick this thing up somewhere cheap and if so where and how hard is this thing to replace.

I think the error codes were 2001 & 2002

Sounds like the Accelorator pedal postion sensor. There are two sensors on the throttle body, and I cant remember what goes where. One of the sensors has to be adjusted via scan tool, think it's between 7-14%(I think that sensor would be on the driver side of the vehicle). Sorry I couldnt help more, been a while sence I have done one of them......

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