AC Condensor Fan / FSM??

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Unfixing the unfixable
Nov 10, 2011
Northern VA
There's an AC condensor fan on my 99LC. No surprise there, but:
- It does not appear in the 2004 FSM in either teh AC or Body Electrical sections
- It does appear in the Toyota parts catalog


I'm trying to debug an issue with the fan. Anyone know which switch controls the fan power and what conditions it need to run/not run. Mine's not running.
IIRC some 100's got it and some didn't. My '99 has it. Sorta like the cabin filters :rolleyes:.

Maybe it had to do with what port of entry they came into. Probably little use for it in Minnesota for example whereas Nevada, California and Arizona would be better suited candidates. Dunno.
Even so its strange that there is no FSM reference even if it was an option. Makes debugging a bit of a challenge.
I'm curious, are all 1998's/1999's come with this?? My 1998 dose not have an electric fan in front.
Might have something to do with the rear A/C that was not an option in 1998. Dunno.
That's a good point about the rear AC, the trans cooler that takes up half of the condensor is the biggest I'v seen on a factory production vehicle.

I thought about, would like to install an electric fan to aid in cooling when the AC is on.

Is there a kit factory kit that bolts/plugs right up??
Looks like there is a part number right there. CDan will know about availability. IIRC, he was able to source the same thing for the 80-series trucks as their a/c isn't quite as stout as in the 100, and every bit helps.
As stated: Is there a kit, something that contains all the hardware for install??

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