abs actuator pump shot

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Oct 11, 2011
Hello All,
Needing some advice. Had break failur this weekend took it to dealer and they say its going to cost me over $3600 to fix. ABS actuator pump bad. any rebuilts out there or cheaper parts somewhere.:confused:
try searching for brake master cylinder rebuild
i've read a couple of posts on rebuild but sum seem to have isssues after like spoongy pedal. i may look to just replace the system but seems the dealer wants 3100 for just the part. Anyone know where i can get it cheaper.
If it is the pump which is bad, it doesn't help with a rebuild of the Master Cylinder, just to make that clear.

Now, if the pump is bad, it's either an electric or a pump problem. If the brushes are worn out, or a ball bearing, it might be poss to tinker it to work again. If the pump itself is worn out, you'll need a new one. Anyhow, this is an important part for the safe operation of the brakes, and for the safety of persons inside and outside of the vehicle, so if it is actually worn, and not just a loose connection, it might be best to replace it with a new unit.

The pump in question is not only for the ABS, but the booster pump for the brake system. Without it you have nearly no brakes at all.
thanks UHU just confirmed last night that it is the pump. i had no breaks at all. had to do a fred flinstone to stop it. dealer wanted 3100 for the hole unit but i spoke to cdan and got it for 2135. so im just going to replace the hole unit. :meh:
Got old Betsy running again after $2600. This is my first major issue with my truck after 211,000 miles. always maintained it well. But what other major issues should I start to expect out of this beast?

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