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Feb 19, 2005
Auburn, AL
As some of you may know, Eric Hagan (Land Speeder) contracted minigitis back in January of this year. After some time in the hospital and weeks of antibiotics he got over the minigitis, but not the reason that he contracted it. Please read this thread for a brief explanation of the problem from Eric:


Since that post, Eric has had surgery five times to try and repair the hole between his sinus cavity and the cavity where the pituitary hangs. All five have failed and Eric has been in and out of the hospital since this started. This week he has had a shunt put in to let the spinal fluid drain to his abdomen instead of out his nose and then a seventh surgery this week on Wednesday to take a bone graph from the back of his skull and place it in the "patch" area. This may be their final attempt, as this was a last resort type of operation. Cristin (Eric's fiance) says that Eric has lost over 40 lbs. There is a slight chance that he may get home this weekend.

I'm not sure how many weeks of work that Eric has missed, but he has not worked much at all since this began in late January. He does have good insurance, but he has not been getting paid by his company while he has been out of work. Even with the insurance, his medical bills will be in excess of $2000 with all the copays for the surgeries and extended time in ICU.

I am writing this in hoping that we can raise some money for Eric to help him out. This is not charity for him, but rather to just help him get back on his feet after this is finally over and help pay his medical bills and other expenses. Just think about how entertaining Eric is when he's around!

So, I'll start by pledging $300.

Even if you cannot contribute, please keep Eric in your prayers.

I'm not exactly sure how to handle the money so that everyone is comfortable with it. I do have paypal and you can send it there by using my e-mail:


If anyone has other suggestions, I am open to ideas.

I have spoken with Brian (clutchee) about Eric for several days now, so he is aware of the situation. I'll be updating him and this post on Eric's condition.


Brett-glad to help.

Folks as many of us have gotten to wheel with the red head kid.....think this is the least we can do but help a brother out:hmm:
paypal sent. Thanks for doing this and hope Eric gets through this soon
Thanks guys! Received 2 paypals-that was fast!

I'll be on this thread every night and I'll check it during the day if I'm ( no internet in the woods) by the office.

Hopefully I'll be able to talk to Eric tomorrow or Friday and I'll post an update.

Get well Eric.

Thanks Brett!
Paypal sent.

Get Well Eric!!!!

Brett way to step up and do this!
Check will be in the mail. Anyone who knows Eric knows he'd do whatever he could if the tables were turned. So everyone thats able please do all you can.
payPal sent

Get well soon Eric!
Wow, you guys are great. You have all stepped up really fast, we've got $750 total so far-in just one day!

I haven't talked with Eric today and his phone is not on. If this last surgery didn't go well, then he's gonna have to meet with a neurosurgeon. Hopefully I will have an update tomorrow.

Remind me to give you a check on Monday. I'll probably be gone by the time you get home tomorrow.

Well then let's make it $1250.
Matt, I don't have Eric's paypal, but I did just get the paypal from you. Caleb, let's get together on Monday.

All of you are very generous.

This is a real testament to the family like nature that the Toyota crowd represents.
Money sent.

I just want to say that I am really impressed by everyones quick response. I know he will be grateful for all the donations and prayers.
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Eric posted on our local board that he's coming home today! I'll be gone until Sunday afternoon, but I'll be going by to see his bald head full of stitches when I get back.

The CottonLand Cruisers will be sending a big chunk shortly.


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