For Sale Aatlas front heater restore kit, SoCal

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Apr 14, 2004
Shane sent me a sample six or seven years ago. It's still in the postal box in my old office, which I am now demolishing. $20 plus the ride. Minimum order requirements apply. No PMs please.
I’m referbing one for a ‘76 but am not familiar with this kit.
Calling Mark...
I’m referbing one for a ‘76 but am not familiar with this kit.
Calling Mark...

Neither am I Bernie. I have never marketed this product. I went on the SOR website to see what the kit looks like, rather than unpacking the box. D'oh.
Thanks for the call. I solved several mysteries in one! It turns out there are TWO kits in the box. One for 68-73, one for 74 and newer.

It also turns out that when my wife got tired of me leaving stuff on HER desk in the office, she just randomly put some of my things into that box as well. I have now recovered my super-secret stash of original ConFerr medallions, as well as a 75-newer door limiter repair kit that SOR no longer offers.

So, based on Shane's representation on the packaging, I can tell you that one of the kits will fit your 76.
I will take the one for the '68 :D
I’ll take the ‘75+ Mark and call you tomorrow about the rest of the order.
Meant to call you yesterday Don. No defrost ducts for your app. I’ll call later and we’ll settle up.

Alf, whenever you’re ready sir.

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