A few 75 FJ 40 Parts

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    Apr 13, 2003
    OEM hitch - I have a 73 Cruiser and this hooks up to the four bolt holes in the center of the rear crossmember. I believe it is OEM?

    Price: $25

    Side running board supports - decent shape.

    Price: $10

    Rear turn signal lense. I believe it is the left side with no cracks.

    Price: $5

    Steering column cover: I have the top peice, with no cracks. I should have the bottom one around but for now, let's just say it is the top.

    Price: $5

    Interior gas filler hose protector piece: This is the sheetmetal piece that protects the hose from sharp objects.

    Price: $10

    I would much prefer to ship all the parts together. I am willing to sell the all of the parts individually if I need to.

    Location: Klamath Falls area, OR

    Contact: radjad@kfalls.net

    Trades: Maybe??
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