99 auto climate control stuck on heat/floor/full fan. temp/vent select/ fan switches all dead

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Jan 10, 2010
New London, NH
I've tried searching and can't seem to find this same problem. My auto climate is stuck blowing heat, at the feet. The fan switch does not change fan speed nor does it light up. The vent select is lit up for feet but will not change to any other vent. The temp control does not work, ie can't adjust temp or get ac to come on either. I can't even turn the fan off so I'm roasting.

I have also been having battery issues. New battery will go dead after a day of not running. Of course the overnight temps are low, in single digits.

Any suggestions? I'll keep searching in the mean time. Thanks in advance.
Oh, rear heat does work, and the fresh air/recycle air button works. AC button turns off and on as does the rear defrost and mirror defrost.
Tried this and nothing

The A/C panel can do a self diagnosis. DI-620

1. Turn ignition switch to on while holding down the A/C and Recirc/Fresh switches.
2. All the indicators should flash on and off at 1 second intervals.
3. Any malfunction will be indicated by the trouble area's light blinking. A table to translate the lights to a trouble spot is on DI-624 or post it here and I'll look it up.
Anyone have experience with this type of problem? Would appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Thanks
Sorry no experience... But if someone is local to you maybe try swapping Control heads.
Thanks for the advice. I've been having battery issues as well. It appears I have a parasitic drain. Anyway, cleaned the battery posts and reconnected them. Sprayed lectra cleaned at temp sensor by drivers knee. At any rate it's working for now. I'll post if things change but could be a simple fix that might help others. Not sure which thing fixed it, cleaning the sensor or disconnect ting the battery.

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