96 fzj80 IAC valve

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Nov 3, 2005
Placerville Ca
Any one know if the IAC valve on the 96 1fz motor is rebuildable?
If so where to get the seals or parts needed?
Please only reply if you have the info requested in the post.
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What is wrong with the one you have?
Nothing wrong with it, I had one fail in a bad spot so wanted to carry a kit if avail.
I thought a kit if available might be cheaper and easier to pack.
TIL the IAC is ~$1,000 and an aftermarket one from RockAuto is $396.

Carmarka claims to have genuine Toyota for $360.

I've never heard of anyone rebuilding one, but I've also never heard of one failing.

Car-part shows quite a few used throttle bodies for $50 - $125. It looks like they don't remove the TPS or IAC. I'd probably go that route for a spare.

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