94 p/u ebrake light when I turn left.

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Feb 28, 2010
New Jersey
Can't figure out why my e-brake light comes on when i turn left? I checked the e-brake act switch and its working fine. Just some history, Iv'e owned the truck since 95. 200k on it and I yanked the motor last winter to to a engine builder overhaul and a clutch. light was fine for awhile problem just started last week. Anyone ever have this problem?
your brake fluid is low. Check the reservoir.

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Additionally, If the reservoir is not leaking fluid, you probably dont need to add any. what you probably need to do is a brake job. front and back. shoes, pads, rotors...everything.

when those items wear down the fluid level decreases to take up the added volume in the system created by the wear.

Check brake fluid.
Thanks guys...checked the fluid its good. must be the switch at the resivoir. I will check that next, maybe its a bad connection.
My second thought was a short in the wire from the light to the ground. Toyota connects one side of the light to +12V and ground the other side to turn it on. Any short to the frame or ground between the light and the switches will also turn it on. Start wiggling wire bundles with somebody looking at the light. Look at a wiring diagram to get the color of the wire to trace where it goes.

Edit: The wire color can be found by looking at the wires connected to the brake fluid level switch.

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