94 Land Cruiser stuttering/missfire

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Feb 26, 2015
Hey all, I'm new to the Forum and have made this account on behalf of my father and his Landcruiser that he lets me borrow/wrench on. The cruiser tends to stutter very randomly and intermitently. There is no real pattern to it. To best describe it, its a 200-400 rpm drop/tick happening within a second, and at times happens back to back, one after the other. At times it'll happen during the immediate throttle-up the vehicle does when you turn it on, and is very random as to when it'll happen next. There is no real pattern for it happening: throttle position, vehicle speed, engine temp, outside temp, it all varies and is different when it occurs. At cruising, its a particularly violent jerking as if the cylinders all miss for a second and then all fire back up, jerking all the engine components back up to their pre-held RPM's. The volatility of the jerking seems to correspond with the RPM level. Certainly not healthy for the engine. Besides these little jerking ticks, the car runs fine. Since it feels like a miss and the car runs fine otherwise, I figured its either fuel or spark. The plugs, wires, cap and rotor were just recently replaced and are new. The CEL was on for a while, with codes for the speed (RPM) sensor and another for EGR, cant remember which specific EGR code it was, but both have recently gone away. I know the CEL bulb hasn't burnt out since it shows on ignition-on. Instead of throwing parts and money at it and praying, I was hoping to get some wisdom as to what specific areas would be good to start my diagnosing/replacement? I appreciate any and all help/advice. Cheers!
You are working on a?
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. Engine info I don't have on hand atm, its an inline 6 engine.
An 80 Series? 1FZ engine?

Hop on over to the 80 Series board and ask there.
Hi all,

Makreis, What model of Land Cruiser? What country are you located in?

Can you tell us the model of Toyota I-6 engine? Fuel injection or carburetor?



1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. Engine info I don't have on hand atm, its an inline 6 engine.
Cruiserdan properly identified it, its indeed the 1FZ, fuel injected engine. Apparently its the 70 series as well (first toyota I've ever worked on). I will move this over to the 70 series forums, thank you for the prompt replies :)

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