'93 Running hot

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Jul 1, 2007
Southwest Virginia
I have a '93 with 120000 miles ,and did Raventai's temp gauge mod last week. My temps were running a little hot (about 3/4 on the gauge) in traffic on an 80* day, so I decided to check out the system.
I have a new radiator, the antifreeze is clean and circulating, the fan clutch looked origonal (black) and I had the origonal radiator cap, and the engine timing is at 3*.
First stop, new cap - no change. Decided to get a new fan clutch from Dan. Installed the clutch today and decided to take it for a drive. It's actually running a little hotter:censor: If I turn the A/C on it will quickly get to within two needle widths of the red! I decided to check several tempertures with an IR thermometer. First I took off the radiator cap and put a mechanical thermometer in. With the trucks temperture gauge at 3/4 the temp at the radiator neck was 185* I checked the outside of the tank at the neck with the IR and it agreed. I took another reading at the radiator inlet- 195*, the "goose neck" at the thermostat (hose side of the thermostat)-165*, and the block side of the thermostat- 211* All of these tempertures indicate to me that the trucks (modded) gauge is pretty accurate.
BUT, it's still way too hot, especially for normal, around town driving.
The one thing that really concerned me was the difference in temperture on either side of the thermostat. I plan on replacing the thermostat ASAP and check again, maybe it's stuck half way open.... Anyone noticed this before?

Think the LT fan clutch service would solve the problem?

Any other ideas?
I had my cats plug up....this caused a ton of heat. Also with your new clutch you can change the oil to 6k from Dan....I actually used 10k but I live in Mexico. Make sure to get a Toyota Thermostat.
Found my problem(s)

The PO... (of course)

Found that the PO had installed an aftermarket waterpump, which looked good, the cooland was circulating, but it must have been bleeding back around the pump. I replaced it with a Toyota pump, reinstalled the old fan clutch and it seems to have solved the problem.

I decided to do the fan clutch mod while I had a new blue hub fan on the bench and found that the clutch wasn't even starting to engage at 120*! I adjusted the engagement to 95* and replaced the oil with 7000 weight.
I reinstalled the new fan clutch and MY GOD it will move some air! Drove the truck 200 miles through the mountains of West Virginia with no overheating issues:bounce:

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