For Sale 91-97 80 Series 2.5" lift Heavy Springs (1 Viewer)

Aug 25, 2005
I have an OME 2.5" lift kit that I bought a while back but never installed. I am now looking to go higher so I am selling this kit. I bought it from Slee, and it's been sitting on a shelf in the garage ever since.

Kit has the 863 and 850 springs, the SD24 damper, and 60018/20 shocks. I did not see the caster kit on the shelf so I'm pricing this new, unused lift kit at $750 plus shipping. If I find the caster kit I'll throw it in the box.

I am on vacation right now, returning the Tuesday after Labor Day. Some time that week I'll go see if I can lay my hands on the caster kit. I realize you all will have questions on the shipping amount, but the exact amounts will have to wait until I return.

If you want pics of the items out of the box, I can do that after I return, but most of the boxes haven't even been opened.

IMG_0337.jpg IMG_0335.jpg IMG_0336.jpg

Payment by PP plus 3%. PP address is henrymATbishop-associatesDOTcom

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