For Sale 9.5" FJ80 3rd with Nitro 488 gears (1 Viewer)

Oct 18, 2007
Chandler AZ
700 SHIPPED in the 48 states.

Landcruiser 9.5" 3rd member with Nitro 488 gears. Fits the FJ60/62/80's ...... and will work in the rear semi-floaters(FJ60's) after the 488 ring gear has been clearanced on 1 or 2 teeth and I can do that if needed.

These gears have less than 3000 miles usage and were only in service for about 3 months. I did set these 488 Nitro gears up for strength and quietness. The gears also had an easy severe trails or no bad weather or mud or snow or water. I used only the best....488 Nitro gears....triple drilled flange and a Marlin pinion seal.

Why this Nitro 488 3rd is up for sale......
My 2001 Tacoma has Landcruiser 9.5" 3rds Front and Rear. I upgraded the gearing from 488 to 529 and added Harrop selectable elockers at both ends. If the buyer would like an upgrade to a Harrop in this 488 3rd then I can be very obliging but note the Harrops do not work in a semi-float rear end. Ken





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