89 FJ62 in CT Clean, Clean $2600

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United States
I was going to buy this cruiser to export to Central America but found out that the import duty was excessive. It has just been repainted silver buy the current owner. The paint job is not 100% professional but is really nice. The owner told me that the truck came from CA and I could not find any rust on the truck either on the body or the frame. The transmission has a delayed shift into second gear which maybe the kickdown cable and need for a flush. The front end is loose. Interior is very clean for a truck with 150K. I can email photos but do not know how to post them to this forum. The owner wants $2600 firm for the truck which I think is a great price for a clean FJ62 in the northeast. I have zero to gain from this sale just helping the seller and giving someone a chance to buy.
Wow. No interst in almost a rust free, clean, cruiser with a new paint job located in the northeast for $2600. Times are indeed tough.
Go to the help section of the forum (under chit chat) and learn how to post photos. Without them, few people will even bother reading.
2nd. We all know what FJ62's look like, but not YOURS.
I don't know how to post photos to this site but if someone can help with this I can send photos via email. Thanks
The only photo I have been able to upload.
toyota land _037.jpg
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does truck have working a/c ? I'm interested, I'm in NYC. Is it still available ?
Like I said it is not my truck but the owner told me that he had the a/c recharged. I will call him Monday to see if it is still for sale.
am interested

Is it still available? Who do I contact? thanks, Stu

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