89 FJ62 for sale Charlottesville/Crozet, Va 2,500 OBO (1 Viewer)

Apr 1, 2007
Albemarle cnty, VA
United States

I found this for sale locally and am very tempted, but I just can't spend the money on another vehicle right now.

I offered to post this for the gentleman selling it. I have no affiliation with the seller, but I'd be happy to offer my observations or take pictures for anyone seriously interested. I went over it with a fine tooth comb, and I'd buy it if I could justify another toy with the wife.

I'd like to see it find a good home. :)

The good:

89 FJ62 3FE 117,xxx miles, original owner, California car w/ Cali emissions intact. Bone stock. P/S, P/W, and DL. A/T. Current Virginia inspection.

Brought from California, spent some time in Texas, then to Virginia, I believe he said four years ago.

Very, very rust free. I couldn't find any cancer/rot anywhere. Nothing. Minimal frame surface rust in places.

Very nice interior. The dash is immaculate! Front seats are super-clean. Most everything else inside is 8-9.5 out of 10. [See pics]


I test drove it and the automatic shifted very smoothly up and down hills. No clunk shifting from reverse to drive and back. Trans fluid is very clean. Push button four high seemed to work fine. There was some clunk going into low range. Engine seemed to run strong. Exhaust looked/smelled clean. [doesn't appear to burn oil] Drove and rode nice.

Looks like a new starter. serpentine belt is fresh. oil's clean. The engine bay appears to be completely unmolested. The a/c engaged, but it was too cold outside for me to say whether it worked or not. :D

The bad:

Passenger front door and front fender dented. The door still opens closes fine, and I'm told the window works but I forgot to check. Drivers side rear door has a small dent. I believe he said he slid off his driveway on ice/snow into a tree. Doesn't appear anything more than cosmetic.

The battery's weak. Rear wiper doesn't work.

P/W lock button is broken [the plastic: it may still function?]

Tires have good tread, but are starting to dry rot.

Some oil seeping from oil pan and at bell housing. [Rear main seal ?] Didn't seem to be too terrible IMHO.

The first time I started it it didn't want to idle right until I gave it some gas, and then it smoothed right out. No knocks. Sounds like a there's a ticking manifold leak. Ran smooth from there on out. I'm told it hasn't been driven much at all the past 2-4 years. This truck needs to be driven.;) Ran strong/smooth going down the road.

$2,500 or best reasonable offer. Contact Steve @ sab1226@yahoo.com
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