Wanted 88FJ62 - Misc Parts Needed - truck was stolen and wrecked (1 Viewer)

Jul 20, 2009
Hey, My JF62 was stolen last week and just got recovered today. The bastards tore my dash apart to get the stereo out, and then drove it about 2 miles away before crashing it and running from the scene. Didn't have collision so I'm hunting on a budget. I need the following:

Passenger side front fender - preferably the light blue over dark gray paint arrangement.
Front bumper - open to a stock aluminum with end caps or a bullbar of some kind.
passenger side headlight chrome bezel
front passenger clear plastic running light lens
Read passenger side taillight lens
Gray Dash instrument panel (the piece that covers the gauges and the stereo faceplate)
Gray dashboard
The stereo hardware.
Ceiling dome lens.
passenger inner door latch cover/finger cup.
passenger door lock assembly

Let me know if you might have any of these parts and your price shipped to 90027

Many thanks,


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