861 and 862 coils for sale

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Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
I thought i'd give the local boys a shot at these first before I posted them in the classified section. I just pulled these off my truck and they are the OME low height replacement .25-.75 lift. They were put on the truck in the spring of '07. The stickers are still on for the "A" and "B" orientation on the vehicle. New they are $175 a pair new, i'll get rid of them for $200 for all 4.
coil 1.jpg
Did you end up going higher?
went with the J's and heavies with some 35" tires
Still going to be catching air with that setup?

I love your video - looks like a blast

SO......wheres the new pics? dont hold out man...
Naa, I think the days of jumping are over, when my truck is finally off jackstands it will be higher and bigger tires and I think it would be wiser to stay to the ground. Oh, ill post up some pictures when its done for sure, lift, tires, gears and 35's plus a snorkel and some custom component system in the doors. Hopefully get it done this weekend, thats why I was asking for a little help, but no ones bit yet.
SOLD!!! to Craig(Whipp).

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