85 SR5 excab

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Apr 26, 2003
Pimpin part in SanAntonio TX




like I dont have enough junk to work on I bought 85 SR5 EX cab, Allpro hanger kit and lift with IFS crossover steering, All pro rear bumper home made sliders and 20-25 MPG jamminzz drives nice and doent leak a drop of oil bigok..
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Nice rig need to get it muddy

its takin over daily driver dutys so no wheelin for right know once I get my 82 FJ60 de smogged and runnin good again I will wheel it some .... maybe add a Marlin crawler case to this on too:steer:
Very nice man !

I miss my '84 extra cab. I'd love to get another one, one day. I've got my eye on one with 35,000 orig. miles! Won't sell it yet, it just sits outside, and not even rusty. :frown:
Nice clean second gen. What gears are you running in the axles? stock tcase or duals? I like the all black look.

I was told 488's but I think the 529's by the way it drives one locker ... sounds like a lock right the guy didnt even know :rolleyes: so didnt even ask about axle upgrades. no dubler YET but the hangers did move the axle forward some I plan on puttin my alum wheels and BFG muds from my FJ60 cause these tires are worn funny so the all black things goin away ... but I do plan on loosein the chrome front bumper for a stinger joby of my own design unless soneones got on for sale cheap:hmm:
I should have recognized your avatar, but after the picture in Petersens' 4W&OR I guess I just expected more wrinkles.

hell that pics brfore I even cut the roof off its REAL clean there

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