85 FJ60 at PnP in Carson

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Nov 3, 2011
Carson City, NV
Just happened to check and there is apparently a 60 in Carson. Looks like I know where I am headed this weekend!!!!
Anyone need anything from there, looks like it was just added within the last couple weeks so hopefully in decent shape.
Been there 3 weeks. I got the rear hatch, drip rail trim, rt frt fender, hood, rear seat, seatbelts and the clutch bucket assembly. Wanted the trans but the flu decided to visit.
somebody get the trans and transfer case.....
This weekend is your time to go... everything is 50% off
Headed specifically for the dizzy and carb as scavenged parts and then a few other things.
So buddy and I ended up getting there about 10am on that saturday only to find that the truck was pretty much completely picked over. entire front end was gone, entire drivetrain to include axles and springs was gone, passenger side doors were gone, all interior that was in semi decent shape was gone including all seats. Still walked away with a few good items but there was pretty much NOTHING left and the right rear has been in an impact that would not allow the lower tailgate to pull down.

Of course the one thing that looked like it was in GOOD shape was the gas tank. After the buddy and I were attempting to remove the rear tire carrier (bolts were locked up) we found that PnP had placed a nice golf ball sized hole in the tank to drain it. This thing was freakin clean with zero surface rust. The bastards. If someone was looking for a good frame or maybe top half you could grab it.
PnP punches all gas tanks for saftey reasons. I saw pictures of that thing. It was ravaged.:cry:
Yeah I remember reading that but seems stupid when there is a plug to drain the tank. Seriously a bummer on this one.

Just checked the PnP inventory and it is showing as still there. So if someone wants some smaller items you could probably grab stuff. I am half tempted to see if the front heater core is still there and pull it.
She's been picked clean.

You vultures. ;)

Hmm... I may run back to grab some stuff from the drivers door since it seems to still be there. My pull is getting funky and sloppy so I think my linkage may be worn as I have adjusted before.

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