85 4runner overdrive light flashing

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Dec 27, 2006
Whats up with my overdrive light flashing.Flashes for about 5 mins untill warm and then stops.I have confirmed that it is shifting into overdrive too.
That's telling you there is some type of problem.... On the later trannys there is a self diagnosis system, I think the early EFI/Auto trucks had it, but my FSM shows plugs that are probably different..... The steps are, turn thekey and O/D on (do not start truck) connect the "DG" connector to a chasis ground. (On my 89 the DG con. comes out of the wireharness on the drivers side of the engine bay.....)

The O/D light will flash out the codes like the check engine light for other troubles....

Maybe someone with an 85 FSM can chime in....

I hope that helps some.
I checked alldata, and cannot find any info on checking for codes on a 85 transmission.

is the transmission acting up at all?
no where did i find any relevant info. i searched for about 30 mins.

Sorry, I wish I knew more about these trannys :doh:
I have an 85 fsm and it says I should have a a43d tranny which I dont(a340h),tranny seems to work fine but the light will come on for about five minutes and then shut off.There should be a diagnostic connector some where(has to be if the light is flashing,must be a code)my haynes manual says the wire should be yellow/white,there is a yellw/blue wire with connector near efi diag. connector
OK,read the diagnostic codes and got code 61(#2 speed sensor)now can anybody tell me a good place to get the part?

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