Wanted 80's Series OEM Front Bug Guard b

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Jul 17, 2016
Portland, OR / SW WA
United States
Hi, all! I'm looking for a bug guard for my '94 Land Cruiser. I bought one off of Brandsport.com, and it doesn't fit. They sent me another one, but it also didn't fit. I took the guard to my mechanic (who used to work in accessories-install for Lexus), and he said that it's the wrong one. I need the STOCK bug guard. If there's anyone looking to part w/ theirs, send me a PM w/ your price. Thanks!

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I have one that fits but it is not a Toyota one. If that interests you PM me.
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Why do you want one? You can't go through a touchless or any carwash with them. Just get a clear bra.

I don't go through carwashes to begin with. They're terrible for your paint. I want one 'cause I like how they look.
Touch less car washes don't hurt your paint. I can get you one from japan for $400.

I know touchless ones don't, but regular carwashes do. And I'll have to pass... $400 is way too much. I can get one on Cruiserparts for $99 + shipping. I wanted to post on here first to see if anyone had one that they wanted to sell. :D
The one I have I'd sell for $25 plus actual shipping charges. Or maybe you have a trip to Boise planned and could pick it up?
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