80 series Owners - Tow Vehicle, or not?

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May 15, 2006
Chandler, AZ
I have a general questions for the 80 series guys with a 94-97 who have used their Cruiser to tow with. How does a 80 perform with a car trailer (& 40), or pop up / slide out trailer behind her?
I know a Cruiser is never going to be a torque monster diesel for towing, but would like to hear any personal experiences with various loads that might be out there....

I'm at a decision point on another cruiser, and would appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Well my 80 tows my little AT without to much trouble. An AT is kinda small though.
I pull a Fleetwood tent trailer w/out any problem at all. I do see a car trailer and a 40 being a problem unless you are just going down the street.
I helped tow this to Pinetop without any problem. Sorry, I don’t know its weight.

a dog

I have used my '94 80 series to tow a big airstream trailer. Its big, but it only weighs 2300lbs. It tows like a dog. Great on flat surfaces, miserable up hills. Evebn slight grade hills. Have also had the misery of towing a car hauler from Oklahoma to Phx with it. Pain!!!! Similarly towed a car hauler with a 40 on it (without the extra weight of an engine), and again tows like a dog. Its a good 30-50 ho short of being a usefull tow vehichle for a full sized trailer. It will tow a small utility trailer, or a pop-up camper well though.
Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

I have read thread after thread of personal experiences on the subject, and wanted to get the local guys opinions as well.
I tow with mine....No problems.



Woody tows his 40 all over the country with an 80, a search may find some of his thoughts on it?

Woody just bought a deisel and goosneck since towing the 40 "ruined" the 80. Just talked to him about this today actually.

It can be done, yes. But is it the right way? And for how long?

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