80 series front spring spacer needed approx 1in

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Aug 7, 2013
central Fl
im doing my front axel swap in a few days and nows the time to correct the stink bug effect of the OME 2.5in lift. thanks
if i carried everyones recovery gear it still would not be enough.
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After my OME 2.5 lift my rig was perfecty level. I assume you are high in the back. Whats the height difference on the center of the fender flares on the front vs the rear? And with what size tires?
FYI spacers will change the ride characteristics (make it a harsher ride because you don't have as much spring travel anymore). Fixing it other ways is preferable, but not always as cost-effective as a spacer.
significant difference. between 1.5 to 1 3/4 inch from back to front. i just ordered 1in spacers. that should help.

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