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Apr 1, 2012
The Kootenays

With a broken ankle hindering my ski touring this winter, I have set out to design and build a fully contained sleeping system for my 81. I wanted something that I did not have to plan ahead to use (i.e. remove seats ahead of time, load pieces of a temp set up, etc) and I wanted to be able to accomplish this while having the back seats in at all times. Basically, I want to be able to sleep comfortable in my truck with no notice, with a clean, stealth setup, and have (surprisingly) not sen anything of the sort yet. So here you go! Please excuse the less than perfect welds... Alu is new for me and is apparently a totally new ballgame!

1. Here is the basic frame. Look carefully, there is a “breadboard” sitting inside the top frame.

2. The “breadboard” slid out

3. Here is the front while stowed. As you can see, the supporting legs are stowed in the sleeves. these simply pull out and flip the long way down when the board is extended for the end supports

4. breadboard extended, clearing the seats (woo hoo!) and the legs rotated into their fully extended position.

5. And here ya go, 6’8 of sleeping glory that can be slid out in a matter of about a minute. Yes i know there is 3/8’s step between sections, but if you sleep in your car or on the ground as much as I do this is not going to bother you. If you were that bothered, you could just use a thicker air mattress.

At some point, I will install a typical drawer system under the deck, but the ankle is on the mend, so I will probably be skiing instead!






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Aug 9, 2005
Cedar Rapids, IA
This is cool. I really like this design. My son and I are going on a fishing trip in two weeks. Was game planning a design to build before then...

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