74' pig part out (1 Viewer)

Jan 28, 2009
Its the whole thing. I thought i would have time to run my business and restore pig. Nope!
The windshield is no good, back tailgate glass is gone.
I have the factory pto winch/drive shaft/3speed with pto, everything.
Its been sitting in my garage for nearly 2 years. It ran and drove untill the day i parked it. All the glass is out, doors apart, fenders off, hood. Id like to try to deal locally, Oklahoma City, but i just love these things and am willing to take extra steps to get parts to the needy:)
It has a/c and it blew hot when i parked it, no idea if any of it works. When i bought it the 2f had been desmogged so thats all missing. best way to catch me is my business email southardplumbing@g-m-a-i-l.com. I can take pics answer any questions. LONG LIVE THE PIG!
Jul 22, 2009
Email from Ta-town

I emailed you....maybe come and take the whole enchilada! Coming from Wichita....


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