craigslist '74 FJ 40 KC area

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Link is dead now.

Was that the one in Hyde Park? I looked at it last week. Needs a lot of work.

Yes, the red one? It only had 3-4 pics and did not really show much.
Here are my photos of it.!855&authkey=!ACTvr_hypUbhxFI

I didn't have a magnet on me, but I would have been stunned if it didn't have bondo. I didn't drive it; didn't seem safe.

Owner seemed really nice. Maybe I don't have the vision for it, but it looks like a major restoration project to me. I've seen much better. Hew as willing to entertain any offer.

There's a 1975 in better shape in Columbia, MO that I also looked at and drove.!812&authkey=!AFNpVN64GUm6TDE

Still needs work, has rust on rear sill and a spot on the side, and who knows what's under the diamond plating. Brakes and steering/alignment need some tuning. Anyway, a much better staring point and I know he's eager to sell. It's listed at

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