72 Rockcruiser V2.0

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What's the width and rim size?

36 x 13.50 x 15 on (I think 10" wheels) I dont care much for the width, especially with no P/S (Yet).

They looked alot narrower when I bought them unmounted. They were very very cheap and the tires I bought the truck with were super dry rotted.

I ultimately want to run (Cut) 38.5 x 11.00 Boggers on 15 x 8.
SLowly but surely, this build is still making foward progress, Have a car to sell and that loot will give me the ($$) traction to speed it back up again.

But, meanwhile I picked up another 292 cheap to build up with all those parts that come from summit and with the cool stickers. Building my own engine(minus machineing) is on my bucket list and I think this is a good time to do it.

For those unfimilair with the Chevy 292, it is the "Big Block Straight six" and it came out of a 66 c60 Furniture delivery truck.

Stock specs are diesel like @ 165 H.P. @ 3800 RPM and 280 Ft lbs at 1600 RPM. This is with 7.8:1 compression.

A Friend of a friend is mentoring me on this build and hes also gonna do the machine work. He used to race cars (and win) in rock hill with these engines. Hes excited to help do this one. This is gonna be fun.

Plan is for at least 10:1 comp pistons, larger valved lump ported head, cam, beehive springs, blah blah blah..I'm gonna do this one (still streetable/wheelable, but full tilt for the ponies). He thinks we should be able to get in the high 400's HP/TQ without much issue.
The 292 is a TQ monster for sure. the chevy answer to the ford 300 straight 6.

IMHO they are the two best gas I6's ever made for a truck

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