71 Error code

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Jan 29, 2007
S. Jersey - New Germany
I did the paper clip thing in the DLC 1 connecting TE1 and E1. I came up with a 71 error code. In the FSM there are a list of trouble areas.

• EGR valve
• EGR hose
• EGR gas temp. sensor circuit
• EGR gas temp. sensor
• VSV for EGR
• VSV circuit for EGR

Where do I start? The EGR hose looks fine.
Helloooooo . . . . . . Anybody out there?
I just had the same code and now have none, all i did was search.

But ill help some, my problem was the egr valve was gummed up. Pull off modulator first and blow out all the hoses around it. Make sure modulator is good via FSM. Next was the egr valve, there was carbon everywhere, had to pull it off and clean it up real good. PITA to get it back on, just remember to remove studs attaching to intake manifold. Hard to get to,I was standing on the frame in the engine bay my wife came out and said the truck was eating me.

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