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Sep 29, 2017
St. John's, Nl, Canada
I have started rebuilding my 1987 LJ71. I want to add some fender flares to it. I have been looking around online and found a few sources. But none specify if the flares available will fit a wide front or a narrow front land cruiser. Mine is a wide front. Is there any difference as far as the flares are concerned? Also can anyone recommend a good source for the flares? I live in Canada, if that helps.
What do you mean by wide front? The wide front are available from 07 on but yours is 87. I think yours are the same as the leaf sprung 84 to 06 models. And which ones do you want , fibreglass or rubber?
We call these Bundeeras in Australia, in Japan they are a Prado and in South America and Europe they are a Landcruiser II
FRP Panels make all those products, I dont know how much they charge for shipping.

I just checked the part number, the RJ/LJ7* have a different part numbers to the leaf sprung models
PART NUMBERS you need a heap of hardware bits and pieces as well
53087-90K01 RH
53088-90K01 LH
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I use these rubber flares, much more damage proof than FG and cheap. You just cut them to length

By wide front I meant the fenders. I know some have the turn signals mounted on the outside of the front fenders and those seem to stop higher up. Mine has the turn signals mounted inside the front fenders. Mine is from Japan, but was imported to Canada. But those flares you suggested might just do the trick. Thanks
Im well aquainted with your model, my brother had one as company car many years ago
This is what we normally refer to as a wide body
I think you're referring to the heavy duty models, like the BJ70 which looks very similar to your LJ71.

in Japan they are a Prado and in South America and Europe they are a Landcruiser II

The 'Prado / Land Cruiser II' names came with the later rectangular headlight models. Although both models are coil sprung their suspension and drivetrain are very different.

As for the flares, I think you'd be better off sourcing some after market ones then original ones since they're much easier to fix (the original ones have factory riveted brackets to the fender). Something like these;

For the record, common jargon:

Wide nose = 07+ 7X
Narrow nose = 06- 7X

Light duty trucks aren’t referenced in that. The OPs truck in the picture is a limited production “bundera” it is considered a Light Duty 70 series, and is a Prado for all intents and purpose. Yes is has round lights. Still a Prado.

But that is semantics.

@beno is probably the best person to advise on actual PN for overfenders for your bundera. However get on toyodiy and cross check your frame number to applicable PN’s that may be comparable.
I can tell you that if you source all the OEM parts to go with OEM flares it is about $1,000. And they come unpainted so you still got to deal with that.


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