For Sale 68 Steering, VA

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Dec 11, 2011
Forest, VA
100 bucks

Trade me something...... cleaning out the garage.

Interested in the steering box only. Find out what it will cost to ship to 91502 and we can talk about trades. I have virtually everything.

No worries.
Thanks for the PM but, I really try to avoid PMs. If at all possible, please leave a message at my shop (818-953-nine-two 30) with a good time to call you back and we will work something out.
The steering shaft is part of the steering box. If you just need the column tube, I can hook you up. Lex and I already made a deal.
Yes. I dont need the shaft. Really just need all of the turn signal stuff including the bracket between the housing and steering wheel. Do you happen to have the horn hardware?
I teally need the turn signal parts. Should i give you a call at the number above?

Yes. Leave a VM please. Assuming the turn signal parts arrive intact, I won’t want much for them, but I do have a minimum order...and a storeful of new and used Landcruiser parts to sell.
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I bought turn signal stuff from Mark. I got confused about who had what but he gave me a good price and im happy to be getting it. Do you have horn button and hardware?
Just check the threads at the top where the nut holds the wheel on please.
Looks good from here. Cross fingers it gets here the same.
You have no Idea how well I had that thing wrapped.

Do you want it sent to your shop?
Yes please. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have gotten not one but two unusable boxes in the last three months.

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