68/69 tailgate fit my 78 piggy?

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
The tailgate on my orange and white truck is rusty, very rusty (painted over but rusty!!!). I'm looking to buy the 68/69 tailgate listed eslewhere in the FJ55 section and will do so if someone can tell me it's a direct fit for my 78 piggy. I don't care about the lights or license plate mounts, I'm concerned with the shape of the tailgate and if the hinges are the same. I've never owned a 55 older than a 71 and need to know if the 68/69 tailgate will work on my truck. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.......Shmukster
not certain, but I think the tailgate is the same size and all stuff is in the same location, only difference is in the outer skin. The lines on 78-79 rigs are totally different than earlier models.
I don't think so, seems like there was a thread on this. I can go out and look at my one off the 7/70 and the 7/75 in the morning. Think there is some greater height in the later model.
Gary; it will fit but just won't look right; IIRC, the lines did not match up; it will work BUT HTH


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