For Sale 67 FJ 40 For Sale

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United States
Time and finances aren't there. Started the build and am in the process of deconstruction. Tub, cowell, motor, tranny, drivetrain and axles / suspension are still intact. Motor is newer 2F, lift is ProComp 2 1/2". Sold as is for $3000. For $3500 I will toss in the 76 front / rear axle with front disc brakes, new rear sill assembly and poly body mounts. Spent her entire life in Colorado and New Mexico so very little rust. Serious inquires only, please email me as the PM box tends to fill up - Aurora, CO.
Front left.jpg
Left Back.jpg
torn down.jpg
Bezel's upside down. Cool looking cruiser though
Who fawked the rear wheel wells? Its not a heep! :D
Oh, other than that, good price, hope it sells...sorry for your loss :(

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