65 fj45 longbed for sale

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Apr 25, 2007
S.CA - N.OC - Fullerton
I'v had this thing for 15 years and for $15k you can take it home. If your seriously interested, please call me at 714-738-4875. Please don't ask me questions on the forum, by PM or email. Thanx


1965 FJ45 Longbed, removable hard top
Strong late 60s F (2bbl) with mild cam and low miles
3spd trans
81 complete axles front and rear and 81 booster
toyota power steering with chevy pump
spring over lift with shackles reversed
chevy alternator
bracket for york compressor
weber carb, header, canadian distributor
2 year old black paint job, looks good
new rubber for ws and back glass
ricaro tan cloths seats, older
removable steering wheel
straight body
33" yokohamas
2F water pump, fan with clutch.
HD 4core radiator.
Also includes:
bed roll bar not installed
ramsey pto winch, not installed
4spd trans, bell, drive shafts, clutch and gear to mate to 3spd tcase
new door rubber
lots of other parts

I think considering the condition and the mods on this truck and recognizing that there are some finishing touched to do, it is worth what I am asking. You all know the time and money it takes to do all this stuff. So, if you want one that is updated a bit and can afford it, mabye this is it. The truck runs great and has got consistent but light use for 15 years. It has been extremely reliable. It needs lots of little things finished but that's your job! Thanx for looking
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Does it come with that uber-clean tailgate?

15 years? That means you didn't have it yet when I first met you! Now I feel even older.:frown:

Good luck Steve.:)

Mark A.
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