62 check engine light

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Jun 13, 2012
Forest Knolls, CA
I just bought a 89 f62 and on drive from AZ to CA, the check engine light came on, not all the time but the first day and fourth day. It doesn't come on right away but after a while and it seems pretty random. Any ideas where I might start?
start by getting a scanner on there to see what codes the computer stored. that is the only sensible thing to do.


find the test port box on the engine side of the firewall on the passenger side. there is a flip open cap covering the terminals. use a paperclip to jump between terminals te1 and e1 and then turn the key to the on position without starting the engine. The check engine light will begin to flash. if it flashes quickly and steadily with no break in frequency, then there are no stored codes. Otherwise, it will flash a sequence. count the number of flashes between pauses. a code 25 will blink twice, then pause, then blink 5 more times then a long pause. More than one code can be stored at once, and it will go thru all the stored codes with the oldest logged code first. find the PDF form of the FSM and find the diagnostic code table, and id the codes your computer is showing you. I had a recurring CEL showing me code 25 and 26, which sort of points to O2 sensors. I changed them out with densos and kept getting the same codes even tho they checked out ok. I had a no start coindition a couple weeks back that I chased to bad battery cable terminals. R+Rd the terminals and no more recurring codes. That might not apply to your siutuation, but I include it to show how all things need to be in order in order for all things to be in order.....HTH
That is one of the really nice things about the Cruiser, the ability to self diagnose these things with a paper clip and the manual. It turned out, for me, to be the oxygen sensors just before the catalytic converter.
I just had my exhaust replaced, and it looks great, but now my check engine light is on. I found this thread and tried to self diagnose, but when I opened up the diagnose box, this is what I found. See pic for detail

I tried it anyway, (paper clip) and the check engine light didn't blink at all. I am assuming that I just couldn't get a clean connection. What is that stuff, and how can I proceed?
That is what it should look like. I know it looks bad at first but, that stuff (I forget what it is exactly, at the moment) is in there to keep the terminals clean and free of corrosion. Follow the procedure mentioned above or better yet get a FSM or even a Hayns manual. Do a search for FSM (factory shop manual) and you'll find links to them here. They will save your life.

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