62 4WD Button Backlight

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Apr 29, 2005
Would anyone know the part no. for the little led like bulb that backlights the 4WD button on a 62? I have looked at the local parts stores, but I don't find one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you pulled the old one out yet? You can get to it very easily by prying the base out of the dash.
Seve, I was able to remove the light from the switch, it looks more like an LED than a bulb it's got long leads that wrap aroung the small connector that fits in the Switch. I visited my local Toyota dealer and they are ordering it for me, Part No. 00234-00158, and less than a buck, what a deal!


Glad that you have it under control. I was thinking of the 4WD indicator bulb but now it sounds like you were talking about the acutator switch bulb.

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