600 hp Lexus LX570

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May 7, 2004

From Autoblog:

Think the Porsche Cayenne has the market cornered on ridiculously fast, large sport-utes? ASI is here to tell you to think again with the new Invader. Based on the Lexus LX570, the ASI Invader packs a host of (largely unspecified) performance and visual upgrades to take the soccer-mom-mobile into serious hot-rodding territory.

Upgrading the lux-ute's 5.7-liter V8, ASI has boosted power up from 380 horsepower in stock form to around 600. The result is a 0-60 sprint in less than five seconds. And lest ye forget, the four second range is insanely quick for just about anything this side of a supercar, much less a big SUV like the LX 570.

To go along with the performance modifications – which we also gather include suspension and (hopefully) brake upgrades – ASI has also imbued its Invader with a series of appearance and aerodynamic "enhancements" to give it the visual attitude to go with the power boost. Successful? Ahem, well, you're certainly not going to miss it, are you?

ASI infiltrates Porsche Cayenne territory with Lexus LX570 Invader — Autoblog
So what did they do exactly to get it up to 600hp? TRD supercharger?
I think this is fake. Look at the fender.....there is no gap/line for where the bumper/fascia joins. Also, the line for the hood looks like a bad photoshop job.

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Actually, thats a real car. It utilizes a over-fender widebody kit thinga-ma-bobber and the company is hoping to make a lot of money off of this kit.
I heard it cost $210,000 US to get it done to an existing car.

That means you would spend over $300,000 on the car!!! Considering it most likely eliminates the two greatest strengths of the LX, not worth it IMO.
I'll take the engine, performance. Leave the rest alone. That would be sweet!

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